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January 14, 2021
Quick Guide: How To Implement A Performance Management Strategy That’ll Keep Your Team Operating In High Gear premium
Communication between employees and managers is crucial to your organization’s success. If it is not transparent enough, it may harm employee morale and productivity. Knowing your company does not support their needs, goals, and ideas, employee morale will not perform at their best.  Precisely because of that, you need to build an effective performance management […]
Raul Harman
Editor in Chief at Technivorz
October 14, 2020
6 Cloud Security Strategies Startups Should Use To Protect Their Business From Day One premium
Cloud-based services have made it more affordable for startups to operate and scale. Your customer data, financials, IP, and other digital assets are all stored online accessible from your mobile device.  However, even though cloud service providers offer advanced security features, such as encryption, backups, and data recovery, that does not mean you can kick […]
Raul Harman
Editor in Chief at Technivorz
May 12, 2020
8 Easy-Setup Ecommerce Website Builders That Won’t Make You Blow Your Lid premium
The ecommerce industry is huge and it’s only going to keep getting bigger as more and more companies move their businesses online. And as a startup or small business, if you are not selling products online you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. Thanks to the dead-simple ecommerce platforms that are around these days, you’ll […]
Tom Buckland
Founder of HQ SEO
May 5, 2020
10 Tools Every New Franchisee Needs to Grow Their Business premium
There is a common misconception among entrepreneurs that becoming a franchise owner is easier than starting a company from scratch. You’re buying into a trusted and authoritative brand and have its full support. However, you should keep in mind that running a franchise business is not all about choosing a popular franchisor. Instead, you need to […]
Raul Harman
Editor in Chief at Technivorz
April 29, 2020
10 Tips: How To Respond To Negative Online Reviews Based On 20 Years Of Customer Service Experience premium
You’re going to get a negative online review. It’s something every business has to deal with, even the ones that have their sh*t together. And whether we’re talking startups or established businesses, nobody has their stuff together, all the time. Nobody. Negative reviews aren’t fun. I’ve been in customer service for nearly 20 years. Getting […]
Bob Blumberg
Head of Customer Success at UniTel Voice
March 30, 2020
10 Reasons Startups Should Start Talking Trash To Save Money, Protect The Planet & Go Green premium
Today, with the rising awareness of our impact on the planet, more people than ever before are taking an interest in their trash. Whether it’s separating recyclables into the right boxes, cutting down on single-use plastics, or cleaning up a local beach, waste management and recycling are hot topics. That’s why for startups and small […]
Shannon Bergstrom
Manager at Recycle Track Systems
March 18, 2020
8 Tools Startups With Remote Employees Can Use To Promote Team Building premium
We’ve heard it over and over again: Remote work is the future. And what a bright future it is! Providing the option to allow workers to work remotely can lead to increased productivity as well as lower stress levels.   (Source)   Not to mention that letting a single person work from home saves the […]
Emil Hajric
Founder of Helpjuice
February 5, 2020
13 Team Collaboration Tools That’ll Keep Your Startup Connected On The Cheap premium
Bootstrapping a startup isn’t easy. And even if you’re lucking enough to secure some funding, resources are scarce. There’s a lot to get done and everyone on your team is wearing multiple hats. The first thing you need to figure out is communication. In other words, where is your new business going to be located and […]
Alan Rosinsky
Principal at Metro Manhattan
February 1, 2020
7 Ways To Protect Your Business From Cybersecurity Threats On The Wild Wild Web premium
Today companies both large and small are investing in eCommerce. It’s hard to find even a primarily brick-and-mortar store that doesn’t have an online presence. But in many ways the Internet is still like the Wild West, there are tons of individuals seeking to rob others. And just like bandits of the past, modern hackers […]
Dean Chester
CEO of CoolTechZone
January 11, 2020
7 Key Benefits of a Serviced Office & Why You Need One premium
What is a serviced office? And why would moving into one be beneficial to the overall success of your company? A serviced office is unlike a traditional office space, where you are the only tenant in the workspace and you manage your business and the workspace solely on your own. And unlike shared coworking space, […]
Tristan Jasper
Marketer at Project T Solutions