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March 13, 2019
8 Ways to Get a New Website Up & Running for Your Startup premium
Creating a website and online portal for any business — big or small — is difficult, even for web developers and designers. A successful site comprises an eclectic mix of elements, features, and functionality, many of which are considered standard for every design. Despite following a rigid set of rules, the site must be engaging […]
Lexie Lu
UX Strategist & Graphic Designer
March 12, 2019
5 Ways to Increase The Value Of Your Startup Before You Sell premium
Selling a business with a history of success is much different than selling a startup.  Startups are unique selling challenges in that they are not established brands. Nor do most startups have an expansive list of loyal clients. Making matters worse is the fact that most startup employees have been employed for a year or […]
Marla DiCarlo
CEO of Raincatcher
February 12, 2019
7 Reasons Every Solopreneur Should Care About Design premium
Being a solopreneur isn’t an easy task — everything falls on your shoulders, and it’s difficult to know which elements deserve your attention and might grow your business. In some industries, appearance matters more than others. Design is one of those areas that’s easy to overlook as a solo business owner. Your budget in the […]
Lexie Lu
UX Strategist & Graphic Designer
January 22, 2019
9 Interesting Stats About Entrepreneurs [Infographic] premium
When you think about the people who start companies you probably envision a young Steve Jobs building the Apple 1 in his garage, or the guys from Google writing code in their grade student dorms eating nothing but roman noodles and Burger King, or Mark Zuckerberg working 90+ hours a week in hooded sweatshirt and […]
Greg Roth
Head of Marketing at UniTel Voice
January 7, 2019
The Entrepreneur’s Cheat Sheet for Funding a New Business premium
So you want to start a new business? How do you fund it? There are many funding routes you can take, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. Choosing the right one is a tough decision, especially if you’re a first-time entrepreneur. Understanding your funding options is a great place to start. That’s why in […]
Emily Wilson
Writer & Entrepreneur
January 4, 2019
5 Extraordinary Ways Young Entrepreneurs Got Their Investors premium
Entrepreneurship requires a new level of creativity and out of the box thinking. But what most people can’t fathom is the measures eager and creative entrepreneurs will go to in order to make their dreams a reality. Coloring inside the lines is not necessarily their strongest forte, but that is exactly what makes them special […]
Taylor Ryan
CMO at
January 1, 2019
10 Tips to Finance Your Startup On a Shoestring Budget premium
Starting a new business requires plenty of time and money. However, don’t let the costs deter you because you can start a business even if you’re on a shoestring budget. Here’s how to reduce your startup business costs by maximizing your resources while you minimize your expenses.   1. Set a Budget   Gain a clear […]
PJ Taei
CEO of Uscreen
December 17, 2018
6 Cheap Marketing Tools that Instantly Give Entrepreneurs a Professional First Impression premium
Every entrepreneur who has started their own business knows it’s a challenge to convince potential customers you’re just as trustworthy and professional as the more established (and likely better resourced) competition. You only get one chance to make a first impression and it can be the difference between winning and losing new business. So how […]
Payman Taei
Founder of Visme
December 10, 2018
8 Things Every New Local Business Owner Should Be Doing on Social Media premium
A few years ago, you could get away with opening a bunch of social media accounts and publishing content occasionally. Today, building your social media presence on the fly is not possible. The way brands use social networks has changed. They focus their social media content more on building stronger customer connections and bringing value […]
Raul Raul Harman
Editor in Chief at Technivorz
October 30, 2018
5 Money-Saving Tips for Starting Your Own Restaurant premium
The restaurant industry is, without a doubt, booming around the world. With the rise of the “foodie” culture in the last two decades, popular urban hotspots are becoming bustling beehives filled with hungry travelers and adventurous locals in search of the next bewildering bite. It’s no wonder, then, that opening up your very own restaurant […]
Cooper Klein
Interior Designer & Entrepreneur