Best Virtual Business Phone Number Providers

Top 10 Best Virtual Phone Number Providers & Apps for Startups in 2024

Do you need an app that will allow you to keep work and personal calls separate when you use your personal cell phone?

You need a virtual phone number.

Whether you’re working from home, on the road, or in the office, your customers can reach you anywhere, on any device.

Here are the best virtual business phone number apps and service providers of 2024:

Unitel Virtual Phone System

1. Unitel

Unitel provides virtual business numbers that work with your existing devices. Download the Unitel app and instantly add a second phone line for your business to your personal phone.

Looking for a specific kind of virtual phone number? Whatever type of business number you’re looking for, Unitel has you covered.

Get the virtual number you want:

No matter what phone number you pick, you can manage it online and across all your devices (smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop, or even a desk phone).

Whether you’re a sole entrepreneur or a startup team, Unitel’s virtual phone numbers have the features you need to stay connected and sound professional.

And if you ever need help or advice on handling business calls better, Unitel’s support team is there for you. Helping people build businesses is their thing.

Unitel plans start at $9.99/per month.

godaddy smartline

2. GoDaddy Conversations App

The Conversations app offered by GoDaddy is an excellent choice for professionals and business owners looking for a reliable alternative to mobile phone numbers when communicating with clients and customers.

The app is a fantastic choice for teams looking for a platform that keeps their calls, texts, and voicemails archived and organized for quick referencing. You also do not need a separate phone with GoDaddy’s Conversations app.

The app allows companies to set up personalized messages for calls, allowing callers to receive a warm greeting upon dialing the business’ number.

GoDaddy plans start at $12.99/per month.

3. is built around helping businesses set up their toll-free 800 numbers. If you want to get your toll-free number today, is ideal.

They provide a wide range of available numbers, giving users many options. members have access to every phone system tool they need, regardless of the selected plan.

The service provider offers several features, such as call forwarding, call blocking, call notes, call recording, call reports, and voicemail to email.

800’s plans start at $23/per month.

google voice business

4. Google Voice

Google Voice is a great option if you’re looking for a DIY cloud-based phone system for your small business. With Google Voice, you can make calls anywhere from your computer as long as you have internet connectivity.

What Google Voice lacks in customer service, it makes up for in its ease of use. Google Voice can easily sync with users who already have a Google account. Furthermore, it works on any device, and you can easily sign up for a personal or business configuration.

Pricing for Google Voice for business (i.e., with an auto-attendant) starts at $20/user per month.


5. Grasshopper

You will find Grasshopper an excellent business phone system for your small business. Within a few minutes, you can quickly set up a professional phone system to start making and receiving calls.

As a small business owner, investing in Grasshopper is like having your business with you wherever you go. It lets you make calls, send text messages, and email using your business number instead of a personal phone system.

Grasshopper plans start at $19.99/user per month.


6. Line2

To have a local presence within multiple communities, you might want to check out Line 2. This can be especially beneficial since many customers prefer patronizing local brands.

Line 2 can work with 4G, LTE, and WiFi connectivity so your employees can have reliable connections whenever needed.

Furthermore, the platform has a call merging feature that allows users to add several individuals to a call. Up to 99 people can take part through this option.

Line2 plans start at $14.99/per month.


7. Sideline

If you are tired of missing out on calls and opportunities from potential clients, you might be interested in Sideline’s auto-reply feature. This ability lets you have a system that automatically sends a text message to callers so you can remain in touch with them even after a missed call.

Sideline lets you upgrade your work numbers by providing them with SMS marketing, text reminders, and customer management tools.

Using Sideline, team members can easily send text invites to their colleagues and give each member access to all features and benefits.

Additionally, Sideline helps your team be more productive by allowing them to catch up on missed calls and improve customer satisfaction.

Sidepline plans start at $9.99/per month.


8. CallHippo

You will find CallHippo a great choice for your small business, especially when you want to break free from your tethered phone system and the huge payments that come with it.

Although gaining the trust of global customers can be difficult, CallHippo addresses this issue by offering your business country-specific numbers.

CallHippo can let your business configure individual and departmental extensions for your company.

With departmental extensions, you make it easier for customers to obtain support without going through endless prompts.

CallHippo plans start at $20/user per month.


9. RingBoost

Companies needing to improve their brand awareness will find that the RingBoost vanity and custom phone numbers make it easy for customers to remember their extensions.

What makes RingBoost great in helping improve revenue is that it provides businesses with a reliable system for communications. This allows companies to constantly provide their customers with clear and high-quality calls to foster long-term relationships.

Contact RingBoost for a quote.


10. FreedomVoice

If you want to stay connected with your customers at all times, you will love Freedomvoice. Business owners who have to do it all will find that the platform is like their own personal assistant.

Freedomvoice makes it easy to pick affordable business phone services in the cloud. For instance, entrepreneurs can reject spam calls that waste time.

Meanwhile, professionally recorded messages help impress customers by making even your small brand sound like a Fortune 500 company.

Freedomvoice plans start at $9.95/per month.

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