November 27, 2020
5 Ways To Build A Bullet Proof Business & Protect Your Startup From Failure premium
If you are dreaming about launching a startup that will be worth at least $1 billion right from the start, I have to disappoint you. While business validation is never straightforward, you can estimate the value of your company by its stage.   For example, a company that has an exciting business idea is worth up […]
Raul Harman
Editor in Chief at Technivorz
October 15, 2020
7 Tools Entrepreneurs Can Use To Start a Podcast For Around $100 Per Month premium
Brands both large and small have started using podcasting as a content marketing strategy.  In fact, over 90 million people listen to podcasts each month, a 175% increase over the last five years.  Thinking about starting your own podcast? The good news is it’s never been easier or more affordable. In this post, we’ll go […]
Lidia Hovhan
Marketing at Omnicore
October 14, 2020
6 Cloud Security Strategies Startups Should Use To Protect Their Business From Day One premium
Cloud-based services have made it more affordable for startups to operate and scale. Your customer data, financials, IP, and other digital assets are all stored online accessible from your mobile device.  However, even though cloud service providers offer advanced security features, such as encryption, backups, and data recovery, that does not mean you can kick […]
Raul Harman
Editor in Chief at Technivorz
October 1, 2020
7 Ways Agile Project Management Can Help Your Startup Grow Faster premium
What is Agile Project Management? Agile project management is a methodology that uses short development cycles called “sprints” to focus on continuous improvement in the development of a product or service. This new way of managing projects that grew out of Agile software development has become the standard and for very good reasons. Today, we […]
Jug Babic
Marketer at VivifyScrum
September 4, 2020
8 Simple SEO Skills Founders Can Use To Give Their Startup A Fighting Chance  premium
If you’re a startup founder, you know that while you can be doing everything right when it comes to your product’s quality, it will never be enough if you aren’t being ‘seen’ online. That is exactly the reason why online visibility is one of the main pillars that you need to focus on and invest […]
Raul Harman
Editor in Chief at Technivorz
August 20, 2020
8 Marketing & Sales Tactics Entrepreneurs Can Use To Save Their Bootstrapped Startup premium
Ask any entrepreneur who’s launched a startup without seed funding, and they’ll tell you the first year of business is your most important. Without sufficient capital to see you through difficult months, it’s critical to become revenue-positive as soon as possible. Covering operational expenses should be the number one goal for every bootstrapped business. Getting […]
Travis Jamison
Founder of Smash.VC
August 20, 2020
10 Tools Attorneys Can Use to Start a Virtual Law Firm & Succeed Online premium
The legal profession has been long overdue for a disruption and it’s finally here.  With the global pandemic forcing lawyers to work from home, law firms are becoming more digital than ever. And guess what? Going virtual works. The legal world continues to spin as lawyers are still signing up cases, still working on cases, […]
Jarrett Stone
Founder of Law Venture
July 2, 2020
3-Step Quick Guide: SEO Keyword Research For Startups Competing Against Bigger Competitors premium
In the early days of SEO, savvy entrepreneurs could hack their way to the top of search results using unsophisticated tactics because search engines weren’t sophisticated. All they had to do was focus on the search engines themselves — stuffing keywords and building lots of low-quality links. Today, it’s more different. Search engines are more […]
Jason Khoo
Founder at Zupo
June 24, 2020
7 Ways Videos Can Bulk Up Your Content Marketing Efforts And Help You Outperform Competitors  premium
Many surveys have shown the popularity of videos among marketers and consumers. Even the minuscule few, who were refusing to accept the growing dominance of video marketing, are now planning to use it in their marketing strategy.  What explains their change of heart and why should you incorporate videos to keep your content marketing strong? […]
Cristian Stanciu
Founder of Veedyou Media
May 12, 2020
8 Easy-Setup Ecommerce Website Builders That Won’t Make You Blow Your Lid premium
The ecommerce industry is huge and it’s only going to keep getting bigger as more and more companies move their businesses online. And as a startup or small business, if you are not selling products online you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. Thanks to the dead-simple ecommerce platforms that are around these days, you’ll […]
Tom Buckland
Founder of HQ SEO