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July 5, 2019
10 Tools Solopreneurs Can Use to Grow Their Business premium
You did it. You finally decided to go out on your own and start your own business. You’ve got the drive, passion, and determination to make it happen. The question is, do you have the right solopreneur tools in your arsenal? Becoming your own boss is exciting and scary at the same time. You get […]
Irina Sidorenko
Marketing Manager at Yalantis
June 30, 2019
7 Easy Ways To Market Your Local Business on Nextdoor premium
Shrewd marketers and small businesses could be split into two camps when it comes to new social platforms: “Here’s a platform that could help market me connect to new customers” or “Here’s another social platform that will take up too much of my time!” Fortunately though, whichever outlook you have, there’s actually something for both […]
Ryan Davies
Founder of RCD Digital Marketing
June 27, 2019
13 Less-Known Online Marketing Tools That Can Help Your Startup Grow in 2020 premium
Right now, there are a total of 6829 marketing technology solutions available. That’s a lot of tools to pick from! Source: Martech 5000   And while you’ve probably heard of the giants in this space: MailChimp, Moz, Hubspot, and the likes, there are plenty of smaller, more nimble companies ready to blow you away. It’s […]
Stefan Debois
Founder & CEO of Survey Anyplace
June 24, 2019
5 Ways to Combine Your Traditional and Digital Marketing Strategies premium
As a business owner living in a digital age, it might seem needlessly complicated, cumbersome, and financially-taxing to invest any amount of time or money in offline marketing tactics. After all, did the digital revolution not make it abundantly clear that customers and global audiences want to consume digital content primarily? And if so, why […]
Raul Harman
Editor in Chief at Technivorz
June 17, 2019
5 Ways You Can Use Data to Get More Leads for Your Startup premium
Customer data can be one of the most powerful lead generation tools you have at your disposal. As a business owner, you no doubt have some idea of the vast amount of data available to you. In fact, there is so much data out there that it often overwhelms small businesses and startups, and they […]
Alex Field
Growth Manager at LeadSift
June 7, 2019
The Ultimate List of the Best Marketing Podcasts for Entrepreneurs in 2019 premium
The marketing industry moves quickly. What worked last year might not work today, and what works right now could be obsolete in just weeks. Marketing is also creatively challenging. There are countless channels and platforms you need to master, each with new audiences in new formats. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a digital marketer, if […]
Kayleigh Alexandra
Writer at Micro Startups
May 12, 2019
4 Reasons Your Business Needs To Start Collecting Customer Feedback premium
Brand voice will always be in the spotlight of every modern business today. Marketers do their best to ensure consistency across all channels, sales crews try to use the language that best depicts your brand’s values, and customer support teams are always on the lookout for better ways to impress the consumer. However, in order […]
Raul Harman
Editor in Chief at Technivorz
May 9, 2019
The Complete 2020 Guide to Professional Business Voicemail Greetings premium
Are you struggling to come up with a voicemail greeting that you believe in? Do you find that everything you record comes out too casual, overly professional, or doesn’t seem to touch all of the bases that you want it to? In this quick guide, we’ll take a look at what makes a good business […]
Ryan Bozeman
Founder of Boze Content
April 29, 2019
Side Business Tips: 7 Ways To Grow & Scale Your Side Hustle With Limited Time & Cash premium
Has there ever been a better time to start a side business? Probably not. There’s relentless economic uncertainty, automation driving traditional career paths into obsolescence, mainstream acceptance of flexible working (allowing you to do more with your free time), and a vast digital landscape rich in opportunity and practical convenience. So if you’re currently putting […]
Kayleigh Alexandra
Writer at Micro Startups
April 9, 2019
8 Squarespace Competitors That Help Small Businesses Build Sales Boosting Websites premium
First off, I’ve got a lot of love for Squarespace. It’s clean. It’s easy. Jeff Bridges uses it…and we’ve noticed many of our customers in the creative industry (i.e., graphic artists, interior designers, photographers, etc.) find Squarespace to be a great choice. Squarespace’s photo intensive templates and dreamlike CMS make it ideal for the artsy fartsy. […]
Greg Roth
Head of Marketing at UniTel Voice