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11 Digital Marketing Tools That Will Ramp Up Traffic & Get Your New Website Seen

Developing an engaging website for your new business is crucial in today’s eCommerce-driven world.  But how do you ensure your site doesn’t get lost in the over 1.8 billion websites in cyberspace?

You use the right digital marketing tools to drive people to your site.

There are several tools available to help your website stand out among the masses. Some are free, while some charge a fee, but they’re all excellent online marketing tools to aid in bringing traffic to your site and putting profit in your pocket.



1. Hootsuite


It’s no secret that social media is a giant in the world of internet marketing. Currently, 3.48 billion people are using social media, which is an astounding 45% of the world’s population. Of this staggering number of people, 40% use social networks to research new products and brands. Talk about having access to a large group of potential customers!

You want to be a part of that, and Hootsuite makes it easier.

Hootsuite is a social media management tool that allows you to manage all of your social media accounts in one place. The easy-to-use platform allows you to:

  • Monitor what people are saying about your business, which you can respond to immediately.
  • Manage multiple social networks at once, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many more.
  • Handle all of your social media on-the-go through the Hootsuite mobile app.
  • Receive free reports via email, giving you insights into popular links on your page, number of clicks, geographical information on users, and where your referrals originate.

Hootsuite offers several great features in their free version, which is helpful if your new business is on a tight budget. It’s an excellent idea to upgrade to their paid Pro Plan version when your budget allows. It’ll make your social media presence a whole lot easier to handle.



2. Qzzr


Embedding quizzes into your business website or on your social media pages is a great way to engage your customers, obtain new leads, and get more conversions. Qzzr allows you to choose a theme relevant to your business or industry that grabs your audience’s attention.

Qzzr is a fantastic tool for getting new customers and will allow you to understand your audience better. Your quiz-takers willingly give you their information through the questions they answer, giving you insider information into their wants and needs which, in turn, will help you to market to them better.

According to 88% of marketers, interactive content like quizzes are an effective way to differentiate your brand from your competitors, which is an excellent way to promote your business.



3. Smylelytics


Analyzing your Google Analytics reports is an essential component to ensuring your website ranks highly. However, studying an exhausting number of performance indicators to get insights into how your visitors interact with your website can be overwhelming, time-consuming, and confusing.

Smylelytics does all of this for you. This easy-to-use tool translates your website’s data into photos of your choice, allowing you to see how your site is performing at a glance; whether it is improving, staying the same, or needs attention.

Choose your personalized theme, and you’ll receive bi-monthly reports giving you easy-to-understand insight into your valuable analytics data.

The Smylelytics team can scrutinize your Google Analytics set up and make any necessary changes to ensure you are getting the best, most accurate data possible.


moz local

4. Moz Local


It’s important to keep track of how your business appears throughout the internet to ensure you’re staying competitive in the local market.

With Moz Local, you can see if there are any discrepancies in your business’ appearance on Google, Yelp, and more.

Depending on which plan you choose, you’ll get valuable services to optimize your business website’s appearance on the internet, such as:

  • Google & Facebook Integration
  • Location Data Reports
  • Email Alerts & Real-Time Activity
  • Aggregator Submission
  • Directory Submission
  • Social Posting
  • SEO Recommendations
  • Keyword Value

And more!

When you keep an eye on how your website appears locally, you are ensuring high-quality internet visibility, leading to more website traffic.



5. Tailwind


Instagram and Pinterest can be powerful visual platforms used to promote your new business website, but you have to post engaging content and post it often. It can be time-consuming to evaluate which posts people like and which ones create next-to-nothing in terms of traffic.

Tailwind saves you hours through its “Smartloop” tool by importing your highest-performing pins on Pinterest and republishing them at the right times and to the right boards.

It also allows you to bulk upload images, schedule posts through a drag-and-drop calendar, and even posts for you based on when your Pinterest and Instagram audience is engaged most.

When you sign up with Tailwind, you’ll receive an incredible number of tools to help you easily manage your Instagram and Pinterest posts, including:

  • Weekly Summary Reports of Your Data
  • Color-coded Hashtag Recommendations
  • Key Performance Indicator Insight Reports
  • Instagram and Pinterest Analytics Insights


6. Mailchimp


Although there are some misconceptions about email marketing being a thing of the past due to the rising popularity of social media marketing, that’s simply not the case.

In the U.S. alone, over 90% of people over 15 use email daily and check it up to 20 times per day. Almost everyone has an email address, meaning email marketing is nowhere near extinct.

Mailchimp is an efficient and easy-to-use way to manage your email subscriber list but is more than a tool to create email campaigns. Their plans range from absolutely free to premium, but all of the options include valuable email marketing tools.

With Mailchimp, some of the great things you’ll be able to include:

  • Design Professional-Looking Marketing Campaigns
  • Gain a Clearer Understanding of Your Audience Through Marketing CRM Tools
  • Create Integrated Campaigns to Reach People Through Social Media, Email, Landing Pages, Digital Ads, Postcards, and More
  • Receive Valuable Insights and Analytics on Your Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Perform A/B Tests

Email marketing is still going strong and remains to be one of the highest returns on investment of the digital marketing world. Mailchimp gives you a leg-up in the email marketing world by offering you lots of great extras that will make your emails shine.



7. Trello


In today’s digital marketing world, you’re likely to have multiple marketing projects to manage at one time. Trello makes project management easy by displaying each project as a board with cards containing checklists.

You can organize and plan multiple digital marketing projects at once, allowing you to maximize efficiency in your marketing efforts.

Trello is an interactive platform that can be used by multiple team members to organize and prioritize tasks within a marketing project. The easy-to-use program allows you to allocate tasks to different people by simply dragging and dropping their profile picture to the project’s cards.

Trello’s notification system allows you to monitor important changes to projects in real-time. You’ll be notified within the app, email, on your desktop, or your mobile device, depending on the preferences you choose.

This helpful tool will keep your business from getting behind on marketing projects and will keep your new business website up-to-speed easily and efficiently.



8. Playbuzz


According to a 2016 survey, 81% of marketers agree that interactive content grabs the attention of users more effectively than static content and creates 2x the conversions.

Playbuzz has taken our love of interactive content and run with it, positioning itself has an easy-to-use platform to create and embed polls, lists, and quizzes into websites and social media pages.

Adding interactive content to your social media pages alone will undoubtedly bring attention to your website. Playbuzz-powered social media stories deliver incredible internet engagement stats, including:

  • 2:17-minute Average Dwell Time Compared to the 15-second Industry Average
  • 85% Average Scroll Depth Compared to the 20% Industry Average
  • 20,000 Engagements Per Minute

There are several exciting interactive options to choose from for your website or social media pages like:

  • Videos
  • Stories
  • Flip Cards
  • Personality Quizzes
  • Trivia
  • Polls

Backed by Disney, Playbuzz is used by well-established brands around the world to create and monetize interactive content aimed at increasing audience interaction.

This valuable tool includes real-time analytics, which allows you to engage users, bring awareness to your brand, bolster your reach, and optimize content for maximum engagement.


answer the public

9. Answer The Public


Blogs help to drive traffic to your site, allow you to appear in organic rankings, increase brand awareness, and develop better relationships with your customers. However, coming up with blog topics can be a burdensome task.

Answer the Public is a helpful tool that allows you to determine what topics your customers are searching for when it comes to your business.

All you have to do is type in a keyword related to your business that you think one of your customers might use to search and Answer the Public comes up with topics based on actual searches and questions commonly search for relating to the keyword you typed.

This easy-to-use dynamic blog topic tool is a great asset to keep bookmarked on your taskbar; not to mention, it’s free.



10. Followerwonk


Twitter is another social media giant that you should utilize to promote your business website, but it can be difficult to build a Twitter following.

Followerwonk helps to grow and engage your business’ Twitter followers by finding relevant Twitter users and compiling their data.

As a Twitter analytical tool, Followerwonk allows you to:

  • Look deeper into your followers’ demographics and when they tweet.
  • Find influencers related to your business so you can follow them and have them follow you.
  • Track new and lost followers on shareable visual reports and graphs.
  • Compare your followers’ statistics with competitors and industry leaders.

Finding, analyzing, and optimizing your Twitter followers builds a stronger social media presence and ultimately brings more traffic to your site. Using Followerwonk makes doing all that much easier.



11. FirstSiteGuide


FirstSiteGuide introduces you to the world of blogging, something every new website owner needs. They offer free step-by-step guides, how-to videos, and cover over 180 insanely useful marketing tools.

With FirstSiteGuide tips and tricks, you learn how to set up your own blog and start growing your web presence in less than 20 minutes. But it’s a resource that comes handy to bloggers of all levels.



Bringing quality traffic to your new business website is something that takes time and effort. Thankfully, there are lots of excellent free and paid digital marketing tools available to bring awareness to your business.

Though you may not be able to use all ten of these tools listed right away, just using a few will surely boost your business.



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