Ways Videos Can Bulk Up Your Content Marketing

7 Ways Videos Can Bulk Up Your Content Marketing Efforts And Help You Outperform Competitors 

Many surveys have shown the popularity of videos among marketers and consumers. Even the minuscule few, who were refusing to accept the growing dominance of video marketing, are now planning to use it in their marketing strategy. 

What explains their change of heart and why should you incorporate videos to keep your content marketing strong?

Let’s find out. 


1. Videos Connect Emotionally With Your Audience


One of the reasons for the mass appeal of video content is that it emotionally connects with the viewers. Studies have shown that in business, emotions convert because it resonates with the audience at a deeper level. 

Although other factors play a part in the buying decision, the role of emotional engagement is fairly large and vital. Images and text play a crucial role in every basic content marketing strategy. That said, when it comes to directly speaking to customers, videos pip all other types of content. 

While video content is the best medium to create an emotional connection, visuals alone aren’t enough. A video that lists the features and benefits of a product, but lacks life or any emotion is destined to fail.

But videos don’t have to be sad or heart-warming to grab our attention and influence our actions. Marketers can infuse a wide range of emotions into videos to move the viewers through the buying journey.

To be successful, the video needs to stir up the right kind of emotion in the target audience. While creating the video, the type of emotion to tap depends on the brand identity, goal of the video, and the target audience. 


2. The Versatility of Videos Allow You to Do More With Less


What’s pulling businesses and marketers into videos is its versatility. The natural and only home for a blog article or any form of text content is the page where it’s published. If the same text content is used anywhere else, its SEO value is lost. 

In contrast, the more a video spreads the better. You can use the videos posted on your website on various social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Besides, Google and most social media platforms have taken a special interest in showcasing video content in their news feeds.

The good news is that videos can be repurposed to other forms of content. For example, the video of a tech event can be used as six types of content. The short and edited version of the video could serve as teaser ads and video emails. The video can serve as the source for several blogs, infographics, and slide shows.

Businesses can also use the content as an audio podcast. By reprocessing the video content, you can expand its reach and connect with your target audience across various platforms. 

Businesses and marketers do realize that video production isn’t cheap compared to other commonly used content types. But the versatility of videos pays off big time. 


3. Videos Provide a Healthy Boost to Your SEO Efforts


The role of videos in engaging the target audience is sufficiently established. But, videos help businesses outwit and outperform their competition in several other ways. One of them is by improving the SEO performance of the brand as a whole. 

Brands that use videos on their website gain an extra edge over others and are looked upon more favorably by Google. We can go on and on about the SEO benefits of videos. To start with, here is one that no one can ignore. Pages with videos are 53 times more likely to appear on the first page of the search engine page results. 

Other ways videos help SEO ranking of websites: 

Videos Add to the Quality and Depth of the Content: Videos provide the much-needed visual context to the written content on a page. People will flock to a page that provides useful information in an easily understandable and engaging manner. Nowadays, adding just the text content isn’t enough to attract and engage visitors. 

Videos Improve Dwell Time: Website visitors spend more time on the web page that has videos. By increasing the dwell time, videos support the SEO efforts of the site. Search engines consider higher dwell time as the visitor’s upvote (thumbs up) for the web page. 

Videos Support Link Building Efforts: Backlinks are a vital ranking factor. With your video content spread across various social media channels, you can improve the quality and quantity of your backlinks. 


4. Videos Keep Your Customers Engaged and Entertained


Video content is the best and most effective tactic currently available to engage your target audience. When customers are online to browse a product or service they are always on the lookout for valuable information that’s also engaging.

For example, if you’re using video to sell a property, potential buyers can feel as if they’re passing across the land themselves. Video content helps customers connect more than images ever could. They won’t find an interesting medium than videos. The numbers speak for themselves: 

  • Soon videos will attract more than 80% of all web traffic. 
  • More than 50% of viewers watch a video until the end — outperforming other types of content. 
  • On Twitter, videos get 3 times more retweets than GIFs and 6 times more than photos. 
  • On Facebook, compared to photos, videos receive 135% more organic reach.


5. Videos Improve Brand Visibility on Social Media Platforms 


Until two decades ago people used to write long letters to convey their message and thoughts. Now, they use less than 140 characters to communicate with others. Our attention span has shrunk and this is reflected in the content that’s created nowadays. 

Most consumers leave a page after a few seconds. Brands lean towards videos to increase visibility and awareness because it’s the only medium that hooks and captures the consumer’s interest within seconds. That’s why business intro videos are so widely used to create awareness about a product or service among the public. 

Moreover, on social media, the success of a marketing campaign depends on the ability of a brand to condense information about its products and services into small, easily digestible, snippets. Videos are perfect for the job.

Brand videos are popular on social media because they are short enough to hold the viewer’s attention until the end and long enough to convey the necessary information and rouse their appetite for more. 


6. Videos Impact Every Stage of the Buyer’s Journey


From finding a brand, learning about the product, to buying it; customers embark on a journey. Not every customer makes it to the final (sale) stage. Video content is by far the best tool to effectively guide a customer at every stage of the buying journey. 

Today’s tech-savvy customer wants to be sure about a product before parting with money. The old marketing techniques seldom work these days.

In this day and age, brands want to educate the customer about their product or service instead of marketing them. Videos allow brands to do this by infusing a unique message at every stage of the purchase funnel. 

For example, adding product videos can help with brand awareness. Explainer videos detail the features and functions of a product. Customer testimonial videos can build confidence and trust in the product. Finally, special offers and discount videos can serve as the clincher to complete the sale. 


7. Videos Elevate the Viewer’s Understanding of a Brand Even Further


According to Hubspot, 97% of marketers agree that video content helps consumers understand products and services better. How to explain such a finding? It’s simple. For businesses, videos give a high ROI (Return on Investment), and customers like videos because they are easy to understand, entertaining, and engaging. 

Even the best wordsmith capable of creating magic with words and language would find the task of explaining complex concepts in simple words daunting.

In contrast, a video with supporting graphics and creative story-telling can achieve the seemingly impossible task in a minute. 




Content marketing is getting more competitive. If you’re not starting to incorporate videos into your content marketing strategy you’re going to fall behind. Don’t wait. Get started now.

Video content isn’t a fad. It’s the future of content marketing.


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