SIP Trunking Providers

The Complete List of The Best SIP Trunking Service Providers in 2024

Trying to find the right SIP trunking service for your small business or call center? You’ve come to the right place to do a quick SIP provider comparison.

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the top SIP trunk providers on the market. So, if you’re looking for great pricing, call quality, and outstanding customer support, we’re confident you’ll find a SIP trunking service below that meets your business’s needs.

Without further ado, here’s the complete 2024 list of the best SIP trunking service providers for businesses looking for cheap pricing matched with quality service:

UniTel Voice vanity toll free 800 numbers

1. Unitel SIP

Company Description: Unitel offers a low-cost/high-quality SIP trunking service for small businesses and call centers. If you’re looking for the cheapest SIP pricing for local or toll free numbers, Unitel’s SIP trunking service covers affordability, features, call quality, ease of use, and customer support.

With Unitel, you can cut costs, scale your business, and increase reliability. And you get a customer satisfaction guarantee that includes:

  • Quality Service at the Best Price
  • Speedy Setup
  • Dedicate Account Management
  • Free Professional USA-Based Support
  • 24x7x365 System Monitoring

Unlike many other SIP service providers, Unitel’s customer support is not outsourced to an overseas customer service center. It’s 100% USA-based. It’s always free. And there’s always a real person ready to help.

Pricing: Unitel offers two types of SIP trunking plans: Pay-As-You-Go, where you’re only charged for what you use on a month-to-month basis and nothing more, and Committed-Use Discount, where you get a special volume-based deal.

Unitel can offer the best SIP trunking rates in the industry and beat its competition on pricing almost every time. Before you get locked into a contract from another provider, get a SIP trunking price quote from Unitel.

Comparing Bandwidth SIP Trunking Alternatives & Competitors

2. Bandwidth

Company Description: Could you consolidate your local and long-distance services into a single circuit? That’s exactly what Bandwidth’s SIP trunking service provides. Their SIP trunking service is delivered over their tier 1 network using dynamic bandwidth allocation. Their plans feature many features, including inbound and outbound calls, toll-free support, domestic and international long-distance calling, 24×7 network operations centers, and e9-1-1 support.

Bandwidth allows companies to save money while improving their operations and expanding their reach. Bandwidth is an excellent choice if you want an affordable solution that features all of the trappings of a heavy-hitting SIP trunking service.

Pricing: Bandwidth’s SIP trunking plans are dependent on several factors. They charge per number, per inbound and outbound calling minutes, and inbound and outbound messages. Their solution grows with your business.

Comparing Digium SIP Trunking Services to Alternatives & Competitors

3. Digium

Company Description: Are you looking for a service that can help reduce costs, scale more easily, and provide a reliable solution for your voice and phone operations? Digium’s SIP trunking solution may be a perfect choice. Their solution is aimed at helping companies that are experiencing high monthly business phone bills, experiencing charges for incoming phone lines, or find that they are paying a hefty amount in long-distance charges.

Digium’s SIP solution provides scalability and reliability and works with most modern phones. You can transfer and use your old phone numbers or secure new toll-free and local numbers for all your team members at an affordable rate through Digium.

Pricing: Digium’s SIP trunking services can be paid per minute or channel. Their metered SIP trunking plan costs $.015 per minute, while their channelized services cost $22.95 per month.

Comparing Sip.Us SIP Trunking to Alternatives & Competitors


Company Description: Are you tired of paying high fees for your phone service? offers SIP trunking services that help companies to reduce their costs. Using its tier-1 redundant network, ensures the highest quality voice experience and service reliability. Other features include powerful self-service controls that allow you to scale your account as needed, toll fraud protection, simple pricing, and telemarketing support to ensure you always have what you need to grow your company.

If you want to reduce costs, improve reliability, and give your company more flexibility in your business operations, Sip.US provides an excellent SIP trunking service that grows as needed.

Pricing: SIP.US makes its pricing incredibly simple. For SIP channels, they charge $24.95 per month. They have separate rates for telephone numbers, ranging from $1.00 per month per number up to $2.95 depending on your needs.

Comparing MegaPath SIP Trunking Alternatives & Competitors

5. MegaPath

Company Description: Do you want to simplify your IT with SIP trunking? MegaPath allows you to reduce costs and simplify the management of your IT systems by combining voice and internet access over a single connection and using your currently existing IP PBX system. You’ll only need to purchase the SIP trunks you need based on the maximum number of concurrent calls you expect your business to require.

SIP trunking gives businesses the scalability that they need to grow without worry. MegaPath’s standard features include a dial tone via a standard SIP handoff, unlimited local calling for both inbound and outbound calls, and metered international long-distance calling.

Pricing: MegaPath’s basic SIP trunking plan is available for just $9.95 per month. This comes with free installation and equipment and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Vonage Business Phone System

6. Vonage

Company Description: Vonage is a powerhouse in the business phone industry. The company offers a range of VoIP business phone plans that allow companies to secure their toll-free number and use the advanced mobile features that the company offers. Their features include a reliable mobile app, desktop app, conference calling, online meetings, video conferencing, file sharing, multi-level auto-attendant, CRM integrations, call recording, group calls, and visual voicemail.

Pricing: Vonage offers three different business phone service plans, costing $19.99, $29.99, and $39.99 per month. Each step up offers additional features. However, you must request a quote if you are looking for SIP trunking.

Comparing Twilio SIP Trunking to Alternatives & Competitors

8. Twilio

Company Description: Do you need a business phone solution that can scale with your rapidly growing company? Twilio’s elastic SIP trunking service provides global connectivity for VoIP infrastructure and is deployable in just minutes. Their elastic SIP trunking service is designed specifically for scalability and has been used by more than 50,000 businesses.

Twilio’s SIP service provides instant global scale with flexible pricing and unlimited capacity. Features included in their plans include redundant routing, voice analytics through Twilio Voice Insights, and enterprise features like quality monitoring and alert triggers. Twilio is an excellent choice for growing businesses if you need a scalable SIP trunking solution.

Pricing: Twilio’s pricing is pay-as-you-go. For local phone numbers, their prices start at $0.0045 per minute, and $0.0180 per minute for toll-free numbers. Twilio offers multiple payment plans, which may appeal to companies with different usage levels.

Comparing AT&T SIP Trunking to Alternatives & Competitors

9. AT&T

Company Description: If you want a SIP trunking solution from a known nationwide provider, AT&T’s SIP trunking plans can be an excellent choice. They offer a variety of different plans to fit specific business needs. Calling Plan A is a long-distance plan that offers unlimited on-net calling between VoIP-enabled sites with a per-minute charge.

AT&T also offers a plan for both local and long-distance that supports E911 calling and local and long-distance packages that offer 300 minutes of outbound U.S. off-net calling per concurrent call. Their centralized call delivery system makes it easy for businesses to save money while they scale their business phone services.

Pricing: AT&T’s SIP trunking services are priced by the minute. They require that you fill out a contact form to speak with one of their experts.

Comparing Verizon SIP trunking to Alternatives & Competitors

10. Verizon

Company Description: Verizon allows companies to run their VoIP services over a SIP-based trunk to help them control costs and boost their efficiency internally. Verizon boasts that they make it easy for companies to upgrade while being able to deliver all of the features of your current IP PBX system — meaning that employees won’t need to be re-trained for the new system.

Verizon’s network’s scalability makes it an excellent choice for larger or growing companies. You’ll be able to grow more flexible and more efficient using the fast and reliable network that Verizon provides.

Pricing: Verizon charges on a per-minute basis. To learn more, you need to contact their sales team by filling out a contact form to receive a quote.

Comparing CenturyLink SIP Trunking to Alternatives & Competitors

Company Description: CenturyLink provides all of the perks of a national SIP trunking service. Using one simple-to-manage network allows companies to optimize their voice and data. CenturyLink’s packages are flexible and priced per seat.

CenturyLink service allows companies to only pay for what they need when needed, with added flexibility to scale during peak seasons or as their business grows. You can dynamically allocate bandwidth to meet business demands. CenturyLink’s service is priced by quote through contact with their sales team.

Pricing: CenturyLink requires that you contact their sales team to receive a quote. You can do so by filling out the contact form or calling them directly.

Comparing Momentum SIP Trunking Alternatives & Competitors

12. Momentum

Company Description: Momentum provides SIP trunking services that are easy to integrate and allow businesses to deal with peak seasons or expand their business over time. Designed to complement your existing business phone system, Momentum systems can be quickly deployed. 

Momentum’s SIP system allows businesses to add more features as needed, increase the mobility of their business voice operations, and receive advanced management tools that help them monitor better and examine their usage.

Pricing: Momentum requires that you contact their sales team to receive your quote. This can be done by calling them directly.

cloudphone virtual pbx

13. CloudPhone

Company Description: CloudPhone takes all the features of an advanced hardware-based system and makes it available to businesses in the cloud. Every plan includes a toll-free business number and works with any mobile or landline phone you own. Their plans include a virtual receptionist who can automatically answer, route, and play messages so you don’t have to stop business every time a call comes in.

If your company is concerned with efficiency, CloudPhone is a service that prides itself on the features that facilitate efficiency and make it easy for businesses to improve their phone communication without slowing down their business in other areas.

Pricing: CloudPhone’s basic plan is $24.99 per month and includes 1 number, two extensions, and one virtual receptionist. Their largest plan is $64.99 per month and offers 10 numbers, unlimited extensions, unlimited virtual receptionists, conference calling, business hours, greetings, and call recording.

nextiva sip trunking service compared

14. Nextiva

Company Description: Do you want to save money while growing your company? Nextiva allows you to decrease your company’s communication costs by adding SIP trunks to your current PBX equipment with instant deployment in the cloud. You’ll be able to convert your traditional phone system to VoIP-based solutions instantly.

Nextiva also offers all-inclusive pricing while eliminating costs associated with per-minute or per-trunk charges. If you want to keep your PBX equipment and reduce costs in your voice operations, Nextiva provides a simple and reliable service that connects your PBX system directly to the cloud.

Pricing:  Nextiva offers two SIP trunking plans. Their metered plan is $14.95 per month and an additional $0.008 per minute. The unmetered plan is $24.95 per month with unlimited calling. Both plans offer all available Nextiva SIP trunking features.