6 Easy Ways To Market Your Local Business On Nextdoor

7 Tactics for Marketing Your Small Business on Nextdoor

Shrewd marketers and busy small business owners split into two camps regarding new social platforms: “Here’s a platform that could help me reach new customers.” or “Here’s another social media platform that’ll take up too much time.”

Fortunately for both camps, Nextdoor makes reaching customers super easy.

Here’s what you need to know…

What is Nextdoor?

Nextdoor is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms in the world.

While platforms like Facebook are designed to help you connect to friends and family all around the world, Nextdoor is essentially the opposite, as it focuses on connecting you with the neighbors in your street and, in turn, building a greater sense of community.

The whole premise of Nextdoor is about sharing recommendations, things for sale, and a local crime watch. It’s not about sharing videos of cats. It’s about sharing information on lost cats.

To start on Nextdoor, you must sign up using your real name and address. This is the real draw for Nextdoor as it allows the platform to be populated with real people rather than any bots (watch out, Facebook!).

How do you set up your business profile on Nextdoor?

Thankfully, signing up is very easy. The interface is tidy and clear, particularly in comparison to Facebook, where it can feel like there’s a minefield of options, tick boxes, and settings to configure.

To set up a business account, first, ensure you’ve signed up with a personal account, and then head to Nextdoor to claim your business or set up a new listing.

When signing up for a business account, you’ll be presented with two options: Are you an individual or a business? Unless you’re a freelancer or running a micro business, then I’d recommend the latter.

As a small business owner, you’ll be able to see recommendations, track your recommendation reach, have your customers write recommendations, and reply to recommendations. Just… recommendations!

To begin with, your business won’t be visible in the local community. Neighbors will only be able to see you once you have one recommendation. Nextdoor will provide you with a link to email your customers to request a review.

How can Nextdoor’s ad solutions help your business grow?

  • You can reach your customers where they are — at home and in their neighborhoods.
  • The customers you reach are real people who live near your business.
  • Nextdoor’s marketing tools help you target exactly the ZIP Codes and neighborhoods you want to reach.

Paid-Advertising Options 

Option 1: Get the word out locally through “Business Posts”

Create your own business page and start sharing updates, crowd-sourcing feedback, and drawing in new customers with a post in the newsfeed’s most visible place on Nextdoor.

Create a Business Page »

Option 2: Drive more customers with “Local Deals”

Nextdoor’s Local Deals are the only advertising tool with neighborhood targeting. This lets you, the business owner, define “local” with total control over your reach and budget.

Target Neighborhoods Anywhere »

Option 3: Become the local expert with a “Neighborhood Sponsorship”

Make sure neighbors know you’re the local expert in your professional field by becoming a Neighborhood Sponsor.

Run Neighborhood Sponsorships »

How can you promote your business for free on Nextdoor? 

Did you know there are ways to advertise on Nextdoor for free? Here are seven organic opportunities for small businesses on Nextdoor to get noticed on Nextdoor:

Option 1: Get more recommendations

First, your business will need at least 1 recommendation to be visible to others. Thankfully, when you set up your business profile, Nextdoor makes it easy by providing you with a custom link to share with your customers and try to gain that one review you need.

But it shouldn’t stop there. While Nextdoor is another social platform we need to be on, it’s also one of the fastest-growing.

This means you may be able to get ahead of the curve and make the first move to be the most recommended business in your field, which is very possible and valuable.

Option 2: Respond to those who recommend you

You can only do a limited amount with your business profile on Nextdoor, but responding to recommendations is something where you can actively engage.

So, when someone takes the time to recommend you, this is a great official chance to respond and highlight your brand personality.

I’d go over the top here — thank them, tell them how much their recommendation means, and let them know a box of donuts is coming (because public shows of affection are much more valuable as a business!).

Option 3: Run a local event

Using your account, you can add your events to the neighborhood calendar. Do be mindful of the type of events you can add to the calendar, though.

If you’re hosting a painting workshop or a free cooking masterclass, these events will benefit the community.

However, while more business-related events like a corporate networking party can be added, you’ll want to make sure you uncheck the box marked “announce to neighbors” to ensure your announcement is in line with Nextdoor’s event policies.

It will still be added to the neighborhood calendar but won’t spam the newsfeed.

Option 4: Expand your reach with employee posts

This works especially well for small businesses. If your business has a special offer available or perhaps a particular event, you could (kindly!) ask your employees if they can share it with their network.

This works great for your staff in various neighborhoods, as you can expand your reach. But tread cautiously here: you don’t want to violate Nextdoor’s policy guidelines. So make sure that your offer is highly relevant and valuable.

An extra tip here is to avoid formalities and make the announcement far more casual — in other words, as if you were talking to your neighbors!

For example: “Hi all, the little agency I work for is hosting a local networking event. It’s free to people in my neighborhood! Just drop me a line if you’d like to come”.

Option 5: Add your business affiliation to your personal profile

It is simple enough, but make sure you add to your personal profile where you work. This is a must if you’re a freelancer or a one-man-band business.

As we’re really limited with what we can do as a business on Nextdoor (particularly as the advertising program isn’t yet ready), this is a simple way to increase the visibility of your business.

Option 6: Take An Active Part In The Neighborhood

No one likes that person at the party who talks about themselves the whole time.

If you’re only seen talking about your business, you will not only get on people’s nerves but probably be reported by the community — not great when you live across the road from them.

So make sure you mix it up — if your neighbors are looking for recommendations on the best local florist or daddy day care center, then taking two minutes to help them out will start to get your name out there as a reliable and friendly source.

Option 7: Recommend your own business

Yes, this might seem contradictory to what I’ve said so far, but it can work well when done considerately. Using the “I’m-a-small-local-business-helping-local-people” angle will help get around the shameless self-promotion.

Of course, providing an offer or a freebie will make your announcement even stronger.

Remember, Nextdoor is all about recommendations, so before you post, ask yourself, “Is this a helpful recommendation or shameless self-promotion?”.

In Conclusion

Nextdoor is a growing social channel. Trying it before every business is on it will give you an advantage.

Set up your business page. Ask your existing customers for a review. 

There’s a new social media platform you cannot afford to ignore. It’s a digital town hall where word-of-mouth referrals and reviews spread like wildfire.

It’s not Facebook. It’s not Yelp.

It’s Nextdoor.

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