Cheap Digital Marketing That Won't Drain Your Budget Tactics That Won’t Drain Your Budget

10 Types Of Digital Marketing Tactics That Won’t Drain Your Budget

Operating your business online is essential. It allows you to sell your products and services 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world, even while you sleep.

However, the competition online is fierce. Driving traffic to your website and getting in front of the right customers can take a lot of effort (and money). 

This article outlines ten types of digital marketing tactics you can do to drive traffic, convert visitors to customers, and not completely drain your marketing budget.

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1. Search Engine Optimization 


Today search engines are so smart there is not SEO hack or shortcut. SEO as a strategy is now called content marketing and that may sound intimidating, but it does not need to be.

It can be so beneficial to your online store because you are providing the very thing search engines crave – content.

You need to think of it from the search engine’s point of view; their primary purpose is to deliver the best answers to a user’s query. Therefore, the more comprehensive an article is, the more likely it will be used for related keywords.

At the start of the century, it was possible to rank an individual page for many keywords, such as ‘woman’s boots’ and ‘high heels’.

However, with increased competition, if you want Google to select your page over your competitors, you need to make sure your result is the best.

The most common mistake is that many stores combine all their products onto one page. For example, they may have one page called ‘ladies-footwear,’ targeting the keywords: ‘high heels’, ‘hiking boots’ & ‘running shoes’ all on the same page.

It would be far better to have the three keywords all on a separate page.

Further to that, it would be even better to have a separate page for each item. This will allow you even greater keyword targeting by focusing on the specific brand and name of the shoe itself.


2. Creating Content


When creating content for each page, it is crucial to ensure it is unique. Do not copy and paste from the company’s online catalog or even worse, from someone else’s website.

Use a format that you will be able to use on all of your pages because this is important for consistency across your website.

Write content from an objective point of view, highlight its advantages and disadvantages, and determine what it can best be used for or worn together with.

The more content you can create, the better, but you should aim for a minimum of 500 words per page.


3. Product Reviews


It can also be a good idea of allowing others to review the products they have bought. To help reduce spam, you could only allow customers that have purchased the product to leave a review by sending them a customized link.

You will need to monitor your reviews to ensure you remove any who do not conform to your website terms and conditions.

Any review which tries to refer the user to a competitor’s website or uses foul language should be deleted immediately.


4. Updating Metadata


Search engines use metadata from a webpage to understand its primary topic. They use information from both the title and description tags and will also display the data within their search results.

Use the following tips:

  • Unique: Every page should have its own title and description tag.
  • Length: Title tags should be no longer than 60 characters, and description tags should be limited to 160 characters.
  • Style: Don’t use all caps text as this will appear spam.
  • Special Characters/Emojis: Try to avoid using them because it may look unprofessional.

To ensure that you use best practices, it may be worth investing in using a professional SEO company. They can also conduct a site review to check for any issues affecting your online search visibility.


5. Guest Posts


Guest posts on other high-quality blogs who share a similar target audience is a great way to get more traffic to your website. Contact blog owners and ask them if they would be interested in adding an article to their website. As these websites typically get many requests, it is best to use the following tips when approaching them:

  • Respect: Always be polite and professional.
  • Straightforward: Be honest and upfront, no one likes being hoodwinked.
  • Multiple Options: Provide a few topics they can select from or even better, ask them to give you the set metrics they would prefer.
  • Reasonable: Asking them once is ok but if they don’t respond, do not repeatedly harass them.


6. Product Related Videos YouTube


YouTube is the second largest search engine on the planet, and uploading videos is completely free. Therefore, it can be extremely beneficial for helping to create an additional channel of getting more visitors to your website.

Use Professional Equipment: There is nothing worse than trying to watch a video and having difficulty understanding what the presenters are saying. Even worse, you are unable to watch the video because of shadows, etc. A poor-quality video will reflect negatively on your website, so take the time to do things correctly.

Length: Every second of your video should be lively, and keeping the viewer engaged; otherwise, they will quickly lose interest and leave. Use high-quality editing software such as Final Cut Pro X from Apple.

Style & Purpose: Create a structure for your video and ensure it provides viewers with something they will appreciate. A couple of video ideas you could use are:

  • Instructional: How to use it, the advantages, disadvantages, etc.
  • Demonstration: A product road-test.
  • Review: Providing feedback and sharing real-life feedback from random people in the street.


7. Email Marketing


Email marketing was one of the first digital marketing strategies used. The main advantages of using it are that it can be easily automated. It can also help to capture visitors who may not necessarily be interested in buying right now. However, adding them to your sales funnel helps to ensure they won’t forget about you when they are ready to buy.

An effective way of ensuring visitors sign up to your marketing list is to provide a firm incentive offer. A couple of suggestions you can use are:

  • Free Postage: Sign up to our newsletter to receive a code you can use to receive free postage on your first order.
  • Discount: If you sign up to our mailing list, you will receive a coupon which entitles you to 5% off your first order. 

Email marketing has evolved and can also be used for other functions like purchase follow up. This can help to improve customer relations for several reasons:

  • You wanted to ensure that the customer had a good experience and wanted to thank them for supporting your online store.
  • It is an excellent opportunity to request feedback from them and whether they were happy with everything.
  • Providing them with a link to your Google My Business page and asking them to leave a review can build trust with new customers. 

Sometimes, a customer will not complete an order (i.e., they abandon the shopping cart) and sending them an email can be an opportunity for them to tell you why.

They may have found your checkout process challenging to use. it could have also been they were unable to use their preferred payment method such as PayPal.


8. Using Influencers


Influencers can have a community of followers that trust and respect their opinion. By employing them to promote your product or brand, you can help boost your visibility on multiple social media channels.

Another advantage of using influencers is the cost is generally far less than traditional advertising such as radio or magazines. They will often happily promote a product if they can simply keep the product you send them to use.

However, the cost varies depending on the industry and their number of active followers.


9. Live Chat  


One of the main reasons many visitors leave a website is because they require information that is not available. By providing a live chat service, you are allowing your potential customers to ask questions.

Doing so will help to alleviate any concerns they may have and help improve your website’s conversion rate.

However, if you do decide to use live chat software, you must be able to respond to live queries almost immediately.

If visitors do not receive an almost instantaneous response, it could have the reverse effect and may irritate the customer.


10. Responsive Website Design


The world has turned to mobile due to its ease of use and availability. The number of people using mobile devices for online shopping has continued to increase over recent years.

As a result, it is crucial that your website is responsive and optimized for the web.

Make sure:

  • Your font is easy to read.
  • It is user friendly on all devices.
  • Load times are under 3 seconds.




The world now more than ever is shopping online and following the tips on this page will help to boost your traffic, conversions, and sales. And all of these tactics can be done on any marketing budget. 


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Editor’s Note: The article is part of the blog series Grow Your Business brought to you by the marketing team at UniTel Voice, the virtual phone system priced and designed for startups and small business owners.