Resources for Property Management & Real Estate Side Hustlers

5 Tools Property Managers & Real Estate Side Hustlers Can Use To Run Their Business

One of the best side hustles of all time is buying an investment property, especially if you want to generate passive income and build your wealth. However, like any business, you need the right tools to help you run and grow your operations.

So where do you start?

Not to worry, in this article we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re a savvy real estate investor with property management experience or a newbie looking for a lucrative side gig, these five resources will help you succeed.


1. Craigslist

It might not seem glamorous but Craigslist is an amazing resource for listing property. It’s one of the most highly visited sites on the internet for buying and selling real estate.

There are other great options out there as well, like Facebook Marketplace and Zillow. But Craigslist is cheap. It’s easy. And it’s a great place to start.


2. Squarespace

If you want to be taken seriously by buyers, sellers, investors, tenets, your family or friends, you need a professional website.

The good news is Squarespace, the world’s easiest DIY website provider, gives you everything you need to create and manage your property listings, communicate with potential clients, and more.

It’s an all-in-one real estate website platform for less than $100 per year. You can’t beat it.


3. Cozy

Cozy (now part of is a free cloud-based property management tool for landlords.

You can use it for everything from tenant screening to rental applications to property listings to payment processing.

If you’re managing a few rental properties Cozy might be a great tool for you.

However, if you’re a running a larger operation there are more robust property management software solutions available.

UniTel Voice

4. UniTel Voice

You need a business phone number and fax solution, right?

UniTel Voice is perfect for side hustlers as well as growing property management companies because it’s affordable, easy-to-setup and it’s totally cloud-based.

The UniTel Voice mobile app turns your personal smartphone into your office phone. You get your own local or toll free number that can forward calls to any phone (your home, office, or cell) or extension, take virtual voicemail messages, send and receive eFax, and more.


5. REtipster

There’s a million blogs, podcasts, and other real estate resources out there but REtipster is your one-stop shop for tips, tricks, and advice for property managers at every level.

It offers an online community that breaks down industry knowledge into simple and actionable guidance.

REtipster is the place to go to stay ahead of the curve.

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Editor’s Note: The article is part of the blog series Run Your Business, brought to you by the marketing team at UniTel Voice, the virtual phone system priced and designed for startups and small business owners.