Best toll free number providers for small business and startups

Where to Get the Best Vanity Toll Free 800 Numbers for Your Startup in 2023

Trying to find the best business phone service provider to get your startup a vanity toll free 800 number? You’ve come to the right place.

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of where to get the best vanity toll free numbers. Whether you’re looking for great pricing, phone system features, call quality or customer support, we’re confident you’ll find a provider below that’ll meet your needs.

Here are the best vanity 800 number service providers of 2023:

UniTel Voice vanity toll free 800 numbers

1. UniTel Voice

Company Description: UniTel Voice is a virtual phone system and vanity toll free number provider priced and designed for startups and small business owners. When it comes to affordability, features, call quality or customer support, UniTel Voice has you covered.

With UniTel Voice, there’s no hardware to maintain or software to download. You can manage all your business phone system features online and run your business from your existing phones (home, office, cell, landline, VoIP, or smartphone app).

Every plan includes unlimited greetings, extensions, and voicemail. Their customer service is 100% USA-based. It’s always free. And there’s always a real person here to help.

Most importantly, where some phone companies rent you your 800 numbers or charge you extra to port them to another provider – when you buy vanity phone numbers from UniTel Voice, you own your numbers, no strings attached.

There are no sneaky terms and conditions locking you in or holding your toll free numbers hostage.

Pricing: UniTel Voice starts at just $9.99/month which includes 500 monthly minutes, unlimited greetings, extensions, voicemail, and more.

Every plan is month-to-month. You’re never locked into a long-term contract and you get a money-back guarantee, so you can try UniTel Voice risk-free for 30 days.

It’s as straightforward as it sounds. If after 30 days you’re not 100% satisfied, your money is refunded no questions asked.

grasshopper toll free numbers

2. Grasshopper

Company Description: Are you a small company that wants to look like a national company? Grasshopper allows you to secure a toll free number for a reasonable price while enjoying the range of business phone features offered within their plans.

Grasshopper makes it easy for companies to receive calls on the mobile devices they already own. Features included in Grasshopper’s plans include extensions, call forwarding, and voicemail-to-text — each without the need for investments in expensive hardware. 

Pricing: Grasshopper offers three plans. Their solo plan is $31 per month and offers one toll free number with three extensions. The Partner plan is $51 per month and offers three numbers and six extensions. The Small Business plan is $89 and offers five numbers and unlimited extensions. vanity 800 numbers


Company Description: makes it easy for companies to secure their own toll-free number with advanced calling features. Their service allows companies to forward their 800 numbers (or vanity numbers if you prefer) directly to their smartphone.

Additional features include an auto attendant with professional greetings and extensions. Every plan also includes call routing and forwarding, including simultaneous ringing and sequential ringing based on your own internal need. 

Pricing: has three plans. The first starts at $29 per month w/ 1,000 monthly minutes and one toll free number. The next plan is $75 per month w/ unlimited minutes and one toll free number. And the third plan is $149 per month w/ 5,000 monthly minutes and five toll free phone numbers.

FreedomVoice vanity toll free 800 numbers

4. FreedomVoice

Company Description: FreedomVoice’s Cloud Number service gives businesses the ability to secure their own 1-800 toll-free or local number. Each of their plans includes a virtual attendant and a mobile app that you can use to track the usage of your business lines.

It’s a professional phone system that is managed directly through your smartphone — meaning that you don’t have to invest in expensive equipment. The company has served business both large and small throughout its history and have low-cost plans starting at around $10 per month. If you want a reliable solution that gives you your own 1-800 toll-free number, FreedomVoice’s Cloud Number service may be the right choice.

Pricing: FreedomVoice’s plans are priced based on the number of minutes you’ll need per month. Their plans start at 400 minutes monthly for $9.95 per month.

kall8 toll free numbers

5. Kall8

Company Description: Kall8 is a VoIP company that provides a scalable feature-rich solution. They offer a fully integrated toll free service with a complete set of online tools to help you manage and track your vanity 800 numbers in real-time.

Kall8’s system also stands out from the competition with its in-depth account management tools, including call analytics, call history reports, and the ability to completely manage your account through its backend system. Kall8 makes it easy for companies to secure a toll free vanity number, then monitor exchanges through their system.

Pricing: Kall8’s a la carte pricing can be a bit confusing. It seems to start off low, but then add up quickly depending on what features you need, setup fees, monthly rates, etc. There’s a contact form on their pricing page that allows you to request a quote. 

line2 toll free numbers

6. Line2

Company Description: Looking for a simple business phone solution? Line2 is a company that offers a phone service that lets you place business calls and texts with the simplicity of an app. The app can be installed directly on business phones, allowing users to separate business and personal calls and messages on all of their devices.

Line2 focuses on mobile features, making sure that their customers can use their service on their mobile devices. Their plans allow customers to choose their own business phone number — including picking their area code, transferring existing phone numbers, and setting up custom toll free number.

Line2 helps businesses ditch their landlines and desk phones and move into the future with reliable mobile business communications.

Pricing: Line2 offers one plan at two different price points based on if you pay monthly or annually. The month-to-month is $15.99 per month. The annual plan is $13.75 per month.

godaddy smartline toll free numbers

8. GoDaddy

Company Description: Do you want a toll free phone number for professionalism without having to invest in expensive equipment and outdated physical business phone systems that will take up space in the office? GoDaddy is a web hosting and domain name service provider that also offers business phone services.

Their SmartLine service allows businesses to secure their own toll free number and engage with customers or colleagues through it using their own personal smartphone. The system can forward to your current business phones or used via the SmartLive mobile app like the companies above. 

Pricing: GoDaddy’s toll free number plans start at $21.99 per month.

vanity number parking

9. NumberBarn

Company Description: NumberBarn lets you pick a new number or park an existing one. You then can transfer that number to the phone service provider of your choice or use it with NumberBarn for an additional monthly fee.

It’s a good option if you want to park a number but if you are looking for a new service it may complicate the process by adding an unnecessary middleman scenario.

Pricing:  There’s a $2 activation fee and then you have 30 days to either transfer the number to another provider or signup for a monthly plan with NumberBarn. Monthly call forwarding plans start at $6 per month w/ 300 monthly minutes but also include porting charges.


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