Best Priced Virtual Phone Service Providers

Top 10 Best-Priced Virtual Phone Service Providers of 2023 (Cheap but High-Quality)

Starting a business with a limited budget? Looking for a virtual phone service provider that’s cheap but also high quality? This list has you covered.

The following virtual phone services represent the best-priced high-quality products on the market. What makes them “high quality”? Every service provider on the list has above 4 stars on trusted independent review sites like Trustpilot, Capterra, and G2. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have made the list.

So this list breaks down what you really want to know: Who’s offering the best bang for your buck?

Here are the best-priced virtual phone service providers of 2023:

Unitel Monthly Pricing

1. UniTel Voice

UniTel Voice is a virtual phone service that’s priced and designed for small business owners and startups. You can get a local or toll free number and run your business using cell phones. Each plan includes customizable call forwarding, greetings, extensions, voicemail, eFax, and 100% USA-based support with a 30-day risk-free trial.

Pricing: UniTel Voice offers four plans:

  • Start-Up ($9.99/mo. w/ 3 users included)
  • Unlimited ($24.99/mo. w/ unlimited users)
  • Office ($29.99/month w/ 3 users included)
  • Office-Plus ($49.99/month w/ 5 users included)
Evoice Monthly Pricing

2. eVoice

The OG of virtual phone services, eVoice lets you talk to your customers anytime, anywhere. No Hardware. No Hassles. Signup in minutes… an excellent fit for small businesses. Simple, straightforward pricing. Literally, only one plan is offered.

Pricing: eVoice offers one plan at $14/per user per month.

Talkroute Monthly Pricing

3. Talkroute

A virtual phone service built for small businesses but robust enough for larger companies. Talkroute offers unlimited minutes, the ability to use your existing phones, and a no-risk free trial.

Pricing: Talkroute offers four plans:

  • Basic ($19/user/mo.)
  • Plus ($39 a month)
  • Pro ($59 a month)
  • Enterprise (get a quote)
VirtualPBX Monthly Pricing

4. VirtualPBX

VirtualPBX is another old-school market leader in the virtual phone service space. Although its interface has a reputation for being a little clunky, what VirtualPBX lacks in ease of use it makes up in award-winning customer service. If you ever need a little help getting going, there’s 24/7 support ready to help.

Pricing: VirtualPBX offers four plans:

  • Starter ($9/user/mo.)
  • Flex ($18/user/mo.)
  • Pro ($24/user/mo.)
  • Premier ($34/user/mo.)
MightyCall Monthly Pricing

5. MightyCall

A virtual phone service trusted by thousands of small businesses, in recent years MightyCall as been listed as one of America’s fastest-growing private companies. But what really matters is MightyCall is cheaper than most of its competitors while offering even more bells and whistles.

Pricing: MightyCall offers three plans:

  • Small Team ($15/user/mo.)
  • Business ($20/user/mo.)
  • Enterprise ($150/mo.)
OpenPhone Monthly Pricing

6. OpenPhone

As the new-kid-on-the-block virtual phone service, OpenPhone is turning heads making it super easy for startups to get a phone number set up with all the features you need to run your business. If you’re interested, you might want to sign up soon because they keep raising their prices.

Pricing: OpenPhone offers three plans:

  • Standard ($17/user/mo.)
  • Premium ($25/user/mo.)
  • Enterprise (get a quote.)
8x8 Monthly Pricing

7. 8×8

8×8 helps businesses of all sizes empower employees and delight customers with a virtual phone service that combines business phones, video, and chat. It also integrates with your business apps including Microsoft Teams and virtually every CRM system on the market.

Pricing: 8×8 offers three Plans:

  • Express ($15/user/mo.)
  • X2 ($28/user/mo.)
  • X4 ($57/user/mo)
Dialpad Monthly Pricing

8. Dailpad

Brought to you by the same engineers who invented Google Voice, Dialpad has it all. Get phone calls, video meetings, SMS/MMS, and team messaging all in Dialpad’s easy-to-use virtual phone service platform. Set up in minutes. Try for free.

Pricing: Dialpad offers three plans:

  • Standard ($23/user/mo.)
  • Pro ($35/user/mo.)
  • Enterprise (must get a quote)
Ooma Monthly Pricing

9. Ooma

Ooma is probably better described as a business VoIP solution rather than a virtual phone service because you can set up physical business phones. However, like other virtual phone services, it uses your local internet connection to make and receive calls.

Pricing: Ooma offers three plans:

  • Essentials ($19.95/user/mo.)
  • Pro ($24.95/user/mo.)
  • Pro Plus ($29.95/user/mo.) Monthly Pricing

10. is another affordable VoIP virtual business phone service that delivers cloud-based voice, video, SMS, MMS, fax and more. And you can save even more money if you opt for’s annual pricing.

Pricing: offers three plans:

  • Basic ($14.99/user/mo.)
  • Business Standard ($19.99/user/mo.)
  • Business Plus ($29.99/user/mo.)
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