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5 Ways ServiceTitan Is Changing the Way Tradespeople Run & Grow Their Business

Right now in 2018, small to medium business (SMB) owners need to be more vigilant than ever to make sure that their companies are doing what they can to adapt to modern technology, anticipate growing customer expectations, and stay a step ahead of the competition.

This is especially true in the home services industry. While consumers have seen rapid change in the way they can access entertainment, hail rides, and even shop for retail items and groceries, the way that they experience service from plumbers, HVAC, and electrical professionals has remained pretty much the same.

Well until now, that is.

If you’re SMB owner in one of these sectors who is still using pencil and paper to run your business (or, even worse, software solutions that create more headaches than anything else), ServiceTitan is the comprehensive cloud-based software solution ready to take your company to the next level.

Not only is our home services software platform helped complete more than $5.4 million jobs—industry professionals have also used ServiceTitan to facilitate more than $5.1 billion in sales.  

Below, let’s look at five key ways that ServiceTitan has positively impacted thousands of home services business throughout the country.


1. Increase Revenue


Of course, the most important question to ask before adopting any new process for your business is “will it help make you more money?” For the businesses that now use ServiceTitan, the answer to that question has been yes.

In fact, on average, businesses that use ServiceTitan have reported a 25 percent increase in revenue in their first year with us.

Businesses that use ServiceTitan report a 25% increase in revenue in their first year.

This is primarily due to the increased salesmanship technicians enjoy with ServiceTitan Mobile 2.0 uploaded to their tablets. ServiceTitan Mobile 2.0 was specifically designed to emulate the online shopping experience customers prefer.

That means homeowners can expect to find:

  • A dazzling, visual pricebook showcasing available services and products
  • A content portal full of informational videos, product specs, and more
  • Numerous estimate options that keep them feeling in control of the process
  • Easy signature and payment capture that makes the sales process quick, secure, and painless

These are just some of the reasons why ServiceTitan users begin to see an increase in revenue. Other reasons include better performance tracking, smarter dispatch capabilities, and greater advertising insights… the latter of which we’ll discuss later.


2. Streamline Operations


Office efficiency is critical to running a successful business. ServiceTitan was developed specifically to help home service professionals revitalize their operations and eliminate the time-consuming tasks that keep your staff from optimal productivity.

Take our Bookkeeping Tools for example. We understand that there are commissions and spiffs to address in this line of work and that these conditional types of payments can make payroll confusing.

With ServiceTitan, these spiffs and commissions can be added or adjusted with a simple click and easily integrated into the current period’s payroll.

With ServiceTitan Payments, we’ve also released new financial tools that are redefining how fast completing cumbersome bookkeeping tasks can be. From providing clients an online portal to submit payments to automatically batching different invoices by payment type prior to deposit, ServiceTitan Payments is proving to be an essential new set of tools for the modern SMB owner.

Efficiency doesn’t end in the office, either.

With ServiceTitan Mobile 2.0, you can ensure that missed or lost paperwork from your techs never again hold up workflow or delay your business from getting paid. Our app’s Integrated Forms make sure your tech is prompted with inspection checklists, work releases, and other essential documents at the appropriate time of every job cycle.

Everything that your tech records and collects is saved and compiled in the cloud, allowing you and your team to create detailed, accessible job histories on every customer.


3. Modernize Customer Service


The newest generation of homeowners entering the marketplace grew up in the current “on-demand” economy. Movies are streamed directly into their homes. Rides are dispatched to their front door. And retail shopping can be conducted right on a smartphone.

And now these homeowners are also looking for that same flexibility, transparency, and convenience in the home services, too. The research has already shown that modern consumers have come to expect personalized service. With ServiceTitan, you can start to bring a more modern personalized approach to the way you service your customers.

For instance, when a homeowner calls a ServiceTitan enabled home services company:

  • They will be greeted by their first name by the customer service rep.
  • The customer service rep will have access to the customer’s complete service history with your company while on the call.
  • The customer will receive text updates about their upcoming service call.
  • When the time comes, customers will also be able to track their truck as it makes its way to their home.
  • Customers will also receive a technician bio via SMS text, so they know a little about their tech (and what they look like) before they even arrive.

These are the kinds of engaging, technology-driven features consumers of all ages have come to expect wherever they spend their money.

If your company has the opportunity to impress customers with these features, the likelihood of inspiring a positive online review becomes even greater… which is why ServiceTitan allows your company to automate online review solicitations after every completed job.


4. Real-Time Business Data


Data is the pulse of your business and without closely monitoring it,  the health of your company could gradually slip into dangerous territory. Fortunately, there are now various tools SMB owners can use to capture, compile, and analyze their business data. With ServiceTitan, all those tools come in one package.

ServiceTitan Software Dashboard

The ServiceTitan Dashboard is the place where business owners can get a bird’s-eye view of their company’s performance. They can see how much revenue has been generated over a certain (and adjustable) amount of time and which types of jobs have contributed to those numbers.

Best of all, the dashboard is completely customizable so that business owners only see and review the numbers that mean the most to their business. Our HVAC software comes pre-loaded with dozens of tried-and-true business metrics so you can tailor the way you monitor the performance of your company.

ServiceTitan Agent Scorecard

One of the most popular features on the dashboard is the Technician Scorecard. This page gives you a quick glance at each of your tech’s performances. If needed, you can drill down into an individual employee for more detailed information, allowing you to see where your team is excelling out in the field and where some of your techs may need some coaching.

The same can be said for the Agent Scorecard. Like the Technician Scorecard, the Agent Scorecard compiles performance numbers on each of your CRS. Not only can you see which calls turned into booked jobs and ones that did not, but you can also access recordings of every call that comes into your office via our Phone Integration.

Capturing accurate business data in real time doesn’t just mean you can see how well your company is doing, it means you can challenge your team you hit monthly or quarterly numbers, reward your employees if they do, and help revitalize what company culture could be like at your business.


5. Better Advertising Spend


For any business, advertising is a risk, but that risk is greater for SMBs that don’t have expansive marketing budgets. That’s why it’s so important for most home service companies to be extremely measured and deliberate about where they put their ad dollars.

ServiceTitan can help with this. With the Marketing Scorecard, business owners can monitor just how effective each of their marketing campaigns has been. Here’s how it works: with ServiceTitan’s Phone Integration, you can easily assign new, unique phone numbers to each of your ad campaigns (Google Adwords, radio spots, print ads, business cards, Facebook ads, etc.).

That way, when new calls come into your business, the ServiceTitan Phone Integration instantly categorizes them—assigning them to the appropriate campaign—so you can see which advertisement produced the call. ROI is easily calculated and business owners can see which campaigns are worth the investment and which can be reduced or eliminated.

More than that, the ServiceTitan Marketing Dashboard also provides a Heat Map showing where in your service area you are booking the most jobs. This is can be instrumental in seeing where geographically your customers are coming from and where in your community your advertising spend can be most effective.


Want to Learn More?


These are just a few of the many ways the ServiceTitan’s software solution has transformed the way professionals in the home service industry do business.

If you are interested in hearing more about these features — or the countless others that help tradespeople across the country better do their job every day — contact ServiceTitan today to request a demo.


Editor’s note: This article is part of the startup tools blog series Run Your Business brought to you by the marketing team at UniTel Voice, the virtual phone system priced and designed for startups and small business owners.