7 Key Benefits of a Serviced Office

7 Key Benefits of a Serviced Office & Why You Need One

What is a serviced office? And why would moving into one be beneficial to the overall success of your company?

A serviced office is unlike a traditional office space, where you are the only tenant in the workspace and you manage your business and the workspace solely on your own. And unlike shared coworking space, you get the benefit to both community and privacy.

A serviced office is divided up into smaller private offices, which are leased out to different businesses. It includes all the amenities you need to run your business (internet, electricity, meeting rooms, cleaning), all managed and maintained by the serviced office provider, not the individual businesses working in the space.

There are several factors you should consider when choosing where to locate your business. And a serviced office can be a great choice over renting a traditional office or using a shared coworking space:

Here’s a breakdown of the key benefits of using a turnkey serviced office.


1. Flexibility


Moving into a traditional office space requires any organization to sign a long-term lease with a landlord, as well as make ongoing arrangements with service providers for services such as the internet, electricity, cleaning, maintenance, and many more.

Most of these providers do not allow for flexible arrangements, and often have additional charges if you need to break the service or lease early. With a serviced office, all of these services are taken care of by the landlord and are taken care of in the monthly leasing fee that you will pay.

If and when you leave the serviced office, you will just need to negotiate the exit terms with the landlord instead of multiple service providers.


2. Managed Space


With a serviced office, space is managed by the serviced office provider. What this means is that when you walk in the door for the first time, you will already have an office that is fully furnished and connected to the internet, allowing you to commence working straight away.

There is no need to go out and source cleaning staff for the office, as the serviced office provider will take care of all cleaning, and they will ensure that the office is connected to electricity as well.


3. Productivity


Serviced offices are designed to keep you and your team productive and engaged in your work. By providing you with private office space, this will keep you and your employees focused on the tasks at hand without the distractions of a shared coworking space.

Most serviced office providers have free-flowing coffee or food vendors on-premise, which provide quick and easy options that don’t require you to go downstairs.

The internet and electricity at most serviced office spaces will be high-speed with multiple redundancies, meaning that your business will always be online and able to respond to customer calls and emails.


4. Professional


A serviced office will provide your business with all the necessary office facilities to give your business a professional edge.

Most spaces provide you with meeting and conference rooms, projectors, event spaces, and communal gathering areas for networking and collaboration.

They will also be able to handle phone calls and mail through their front office reception teams. All you need to do is invite your guests and WOW them with your professional office space.


5. Networking and Engagement


The beauty of serviced offices is that they are filled with like-minded individuals and businesses, spanning different industries and different growth periods in their businesses.

The sharing of the communal spaces within a serviced office space will allow for natural interactions with these linked minded creatives. From this, you might meet your next business partner, or seek advice on how to grow your business.

These communal spaces provide opportunities for your employees to mingle with other people during their downtime. This is an added bonus for small companies, who would not have these engagement opportunities in traditional spaces.


6. Cost Efficiency


Renting traditional office space is expensive and requires a long-term commitment. It can be even more expensive based on the location of the office space you rent.

By moving your business to a serviced office space you can cut your monthly costs significantly, as you will only pay one monthly leasing fee to your landlord and not multiple payments to landlords and service providers.  You’re not locked into a long-term lease either.

With these significant overhead savings, you could make significant increases to your marketing and advertising budget, as well as increasing engagement activities for your employees.

A shared space gives you access to an office that is ready to go as soon as you sign up for services. This can be a game-changer in regards to your productivity, creativity, and financial potential.


7. Convenience


Running a business means dealing with a lot of hassles. Your office space doesn’t have to be one. With a serviced office, you can just move in and get to work.

The serviced office provider will already have all services connected and available, they will just need to provide logins and access to you and your teams. It’s that easy.

The flexibility and convenience of a turnkey serviced office allows you to focus on what matters, growing your business.



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