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6 Ways Cloohawk’s AI Can Replace Your Social Media Intern

Is social media management the kind of job that could ultimately end up being done by robots?

There’s never-ending debate about how Artificial intelligence (AI) can replace a lot of tasks that is currently being managed by social media interns.

While social media management is more of a relationship-building game, there is also no denial that there are numerous routine tasks that can be easily performed by intelligent social media management tools.

In fact, AI already exists in social media marketing in ways that we actually don’t realize. Activities such as suggesting tasks to appear in your news feed, people to follow, etc. are already performed by AI.

A social media intern need not spend endless hours trying to manually figure out the content to be shared, people to be followed, posts to be shared, and analyze hundreds to activities to assess which one is working well for you.

Many believe that AI will eventually eliminate jobs, but in fact, AI is complementing many jobs and actually enhancing intelligence to effectively analyze data and streamline processes.


What is Cloohawk?


Cloohawk is an intelligent social media management tool powered by AI that learns with every action you perform. Whether you are trying to reach out to new clients, nurture existing customers, increase social media conversations, finding social media influencers and potential customers, Cloohawk has made it possible with the use of AI.

With AI collaboration, Cloohawk can analyze your social media activities and can suggest various growth tasks based on this learning. It’s an excellent social media assistant that comes handy when you want to identify content of interest to your audience.

Cloohawk can analyze your content, target users, followers, influencers and posts that can enhance your engagement, all this with the help of an AI so powerful, it essentially replaces your social media intern!


replace social media intern with AI


Here are six things Cloohawk’s AI can do that put your social media intern’s job on the chopping block.


1. Find Content to Excite Your Audience 


Find trending stories


Cloohawk uses AI to identify the content that is trending. The feature ‘trending stories for you’ gives you a list of trending stories based on the areas of interest of your customer and the most popular topics in your industry.

This will free up the time of your social media intern who would have otherwise spent numerous hours trying to find the content to be shared with your audience.


2. Content Scheduling 



With the help of AI, Cloohawk identifies evergreen content that can be tweeted automatically at the best time when your audience is most active. It also is capable of shortlisting your influencer’s content which when retweeted will get maximum engagement.

AI has been extensively used by Cloohawk to find trending content, to retweet and to repost content, so that it will reach the audience immediately or at a time when there is high engagement.

While you can build your brand with the help AI-powered Cloohawk tool, your social media intern can cater to other important tasks relating to your brand.


3. Real-Time Engagement



Cloohawk’s ‘Daily Hashtag Digest’ uses AI to generate a list of hashtags popular among your target audience on that particular day.  Hashtags enable you to connect with your audience and engage with your target audience.

Cloohawk, with the help of AI, identifies the best posts from your influencers and leads which you can retweet. Retweeting the right posts from right people helps you to engage with your audience consistently, thereby growing your network.



When retweet task is automated, Cloohawk will automatically retweet the posts without any manual intervention from your social media intern.


4. Find Influencers and Leads



Start following the industry leaders, influencers in your domain and other social impacting brands. Cloohawk, powered by AI, will make it easier to identify your most influential users so that you can connect to them instantly to generate leads.

Cloohawk’s feature ‘Follow these people’ identifies influencers and leads in your areas of interest and prompts you to follow them.

Cloohawk’s ‘Follow Now’ feature suggests people who you should follow based on your interests.

These suggestions are indeed time saviors and will reduce the burden of a social media intern.


5. Competitor Analysis



Analyzing the content of your competitor can be quite a tedious task if you are attempting to do it manually.

With AI collaboration, Cloohawk offers a feature ‘Your competitors’ best posts’ which allows you to see at a glance the best performing posts of your competitors. With this information, you can come up with content that will engage your audience the most.

Cloohawk offers a unique feature which allows you to ‘Engage with your competitor’s customers’. It gives you a list of posts where the customers have posted negative comments regarding the products and services of your competitor. With the help of this information, you can engage with the unhappy customers of your competitors to convert them into leads.



You cannot imagine such tasks being performed by your social media interns.


6. Analytics


One of the most time-consuming task for a social media intern is to study the performance of your social media activities.

Cloohawk allows you to study the performance of your own posts. It’s an excellent feature to perform a review of the posts that gathered high engagement as well as posts that did not do well.

Cloohawk’s performance report helps you to monitor and track the number of tasks that you have been doing on a daily basis. It also summarizes the engagement that you received by way of retweets, mentions, likes, and followers.



Cloohawk’s lead report offers a detailed breakup of leads from different groups such as Influencers, micro influencers, leads, and brands.



These analytics will reduce the time that your intern spends on analyzing each task manually.




The prominence of AI is on the increasing trend. The fact is that it is never going to replace the interaction between brands and customers. Rather it is creating a greater bond by identifying opportunities to build engagement with the customers.

Ultimately tools like Cloohawk that are using Artificial intelligence is actually increasing collaboration with machines and humans, transforming job categories and creating new roles.

The main intention of AI is to help social media managers focus on core activities while using the technology for analytics and research.



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