About Startup Stockpile

Startup Stockpile is simply another way UniTel Voice can help entrepreneurs succeed

At UniTel Voice, our mission is to empower entrepreneurs to start, run and grow their own business. With that mission in mind, we create Startup Stockpile, a blog where bootstrapped startups can find useful tools and insights on business growth.

Our hope is to build a place where you can discover amazing products and services, and a community for you to tell your startup’s story and connect with other entrepreneurs.

Meet the team behind the blog

Greg Roth

 When Greg’s not curating content for Startup Stockpile, he’s the head of marketing at UniTel Voice. As a marketer and an entrepreneur, he loves to help companies use technology to grow.

Ryan Roth

 When Ryan’s not creating graphics for Startup Stockpile, he’s the head of design at UniTel Voice. As a designer, he believes companies succeed when product design, branding and customer experience are creatively cohesive.

Tony Blumberg

 When Tony’s not optimizing code on Startup Stockpile, he’s the head of technology at UniTel Voice. Tony looks young, but he’s our teams MVP. When there’s a problem with hardware, software, you name it…he fixes it.